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We had the lovely Natarsha come all the way from Australia with her family for her wedding in Islington in September. It was a scorcher of a day which only enhanced beauty of the celebration. Natasha went for a modern style makeup to compliment a cool 90's ponytail. I have added a selection of gorgeous images she sent me taken by Taylor Hughes Photography.

Taylor-Hughes Photography - Natarsha + Marcus-5.jpg






Had the pleasure of doing hair + makeup for this beauty Rachel at The Langham. She went for a latte eye with a mini flick and nude lip. Her hair was snatched back into a low bun but she did plan on taking it out for the evening so I prepped it wavy before putting it into a bun. There was such amazing atmosphere throughout the morning! Huge thanks for a wonderful assistant Isabel. 

Rachel hair up.HEIC



A question I get asked a lot is how long will hair and makeup take at the trial and also on the wedding day. A very important question! Really your hair and makeup stylists need to be meticulous about this. Timing is everything! And I'm not talking metaphorically here. Obviously you don't want to take too long and have everyone up at the crack of dawn although that is needed sometimes but also so there is enough time so everyone feels looked after and enjoys the experience. Personally I like to have plenty of time on the wedding morning because sometimes things can go awry. I often check my schedule to make sure we're on time because as much time as you allow the morning does push on and you don't want to be left short. I also get asked why hair and makeup takes so long. I have added some guidelines below. But generally and I speak from experience here, in regard to both hair and makeup neither can be rushed. There is no such thing as a quick makeup if you are doing it correctly and want it to last all day. A good hairstyle starts with the right prepping and that may take 40-50mins or even longer depending on hair length or texture. Same with makeup, you will need to prep the skin correctly to get the right effect and to allow it to last the day. I often hear "oh just a quick makeup" but genuinely that doesn't exist! Every bride wants their wedding         morning to run as smoothly and relaxed as possible so below I have added timings that I utilize. 

WEDDINGS TRIALS: For both hair + makeup I would suggest 3-4hrs allowing for a second hair look or maybe a change of eye color or lip. If the bride is only having 1 service at the trial I would allow for 2-3hrs. At the trial it does take alot longer so I wouldn't be too concerned if you think that is how long it will take on the day, this isn't the case and the schedule is run a lot tighter on the wedding day. 


WEDDING DAY: For a bride having both hair and makeup I would suggest 2.5hrs but this again depends on what she is having done. Say for example for Hollywood waves I would allow for longer. And for any additional adults 45-50mins per service. It's usually a shorter time for any additional guests or bridesmaids for obvious reasons. 15 minutes setup and 15 minutes pack down. 


1. Skin for me starts with diet before I look at products to use topically. If I have a wedding or special event coming up I juice, I eat clean whole foods, mainly plant based. Esp salads! But try kick starting your day with pure celery juice first thing in the morning. It is a great way to start your day & also FANTASTIC for skin. It is actually great for skin conditions like Psoriasis & Eczema. So 1 whole celery in the juicer every morning trust me you will see a difference.


2. When I am preparing a model or client's skin I always start with a facial massage using my fingers. Also there are fantastic tools CRYO ROLLERS or face rollers. FYI: cryo rollers stimulate the Lymphatic System & massage the face helping it get rid of puffiness, toxins & reduce muscle tension. Keep your Cryo Roller in the fridge for maximum effect as the coolness reduces any vascular activity.


3. With regards to what products to use, there are some factors to consider. What skin type you have e.g is it dry or oily. It may be a skin condition i.e. acne, rosacea. Your age, someone in their 20's won't use the same products as someone in their 60's. And also your budget!!! It is really trial & error when it comes to skin care. The more knowledge you have regarding your skin the easier it will be to find the right products. With most of us esp if you live north of the hemisphere your skin is going to be somewhat dry & dehydrated, certainly in the cooler months. I have super dry & dehydrated skin most of the year so these are some products I use depending on how dry it is. Dr Sturm Hyaluronic Serum, La Mer Treatment Lotion, Avene Rich Hydrating Creme - Dry Skin, Bioderma Hydrabio H20 Cleanser + Weleda sensitive Facial Calming Oil


4. Finally OMEGA 3 Supplement. This is really beneficial if you have 3 - 6 months prior to your wedding or special event. BUT as a whole Omega 3 are a great supplement for the body. And if you are experiencing an inflammatory response on your face i.e rosacea or psoriasis the fish oil helps with this. Also Vitamin D which we are all lacking during again through the cooler month not so much in the summer. This Vitamin is great for bones, teeth & muscle function BUT also amazing for skin!


MAY 2023

Over the next few months will be busy with wedding season. Let's kick off with gorgeous bride Georgia at The Landmark. Her look was glam + seamless makeup with a soft wave. She looked divine!

G makeup 2.HEIC


A September wedding with our gorgeous bride Ali took place in Marylebone London. Some behind the scenes photos of hair & makeup. A undone effortless (which really isn't effortless ha ha) low bun & a modern & fresh color palette for makeup which enhanced her natural beauty. 

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